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Keith and Greg ditch structure to talk about whatever interests them and try to amuse each other. Whether it’s bizarre news, pop culture, their lives, or the occasional flight of fancy – it’s always fun and always entertaining. Every episode is a great place to start listening!


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Episode 249: Chuck Berry's Home Videos

This episode is full of creeps, and not just the two hosts. Chuck Berry and many people from Florida keep the duo on their toes, while they try and figure out when the pope will finally make it ok to watch piss videos online.

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But You're Wrong Podcast

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Episode 249: Chuck Berry's Home Videos


Episode 77: Ye Olde P***y Pistol

Keith gets distracted by Madonna. His opinion of Taylor Swift is changed by Greg. Then The Duo ponder why a woman would hide a pistol in her most intimate of areas. (SPOILER: She has drugs in the other place.)

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But You're Wrong Podcast

The news story we talked about.

The video clip from Oklahoma news:

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Episode 77: Ye Olde P***y Pistol


Episode 34: Gorilla in the Back Seat

Keith brings odd crimes from a Georgia Police Blotter. The Duo explains why gorillas can't ride shotgun in Massachusetts and what proper bathroom etiquette is for a thief. Also, Greg smells his finger.

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But You're Wrong Podcast

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Episode 34: Gorilla in the Back Seat