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Keith and Greg ditch structure to talk about whatever interests them and try to amuse each other. Whether it’s bizarre news, pop culture, their lives, or the occasional flight of fancy – it’s always fun and always entertaining. Every episode is a great place to start listening!



Episode 299: Trigger Warnings and Dead Pool 2017

Trigger Warning: This episode contains a lot of the same stuff The Duo normally talk about including things that bother them on Facebook and washed-up actors. Extra Trigger Warning: They also say something nice. PLUS: They announce their picks for the 2017 Dead Pool. Will Keith come back from his 2016 loss? Find out in 2018!

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But You're Wrong Podcast

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Episode 299: Trigger Warnings and Dead Pool 2017


The Dead Pool Tracker 2017

Greg: 2 - Keith: 1



Harry Dean Stanton

Roger Moore* May 23, 2017

Barbara Bush

Tony Bennett

Aretha Franklin

Frankie Valli

Don Rickles* April 6, 2017 

Bob Newhart

Rick Flair

Kanye West (Wild Card)



Sean Connery

George H.W. Bush

Betty White

Shirley Bassey

Queen Elizabeth II

Ross Perot

Pope Benedict XVI

Kirk Douglas

Glen Campbell* August 8, 2017

Joe Pesci



Bob Barker

Stan Lee

Hugh Hefner

Mary Tyler Moore* January 25, 2017

Billy Graham

Maggie Smith

Ed Asner

Adam West* June 9, 2017

Christopher Plummer

Lindsay Lohan (Wildcard)


Episode 298: My Mother the Dry Cleaner

In what is likely the last episode of 2016, the duo jump around on a number of topics. They discuss a wedding they attended, a show that Keith attended, and how Keith's mother is very good at ironing.

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But You're Wrong Podcast

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Episode 298: My Mother the Dry Cleaner


Episode 297: Steak Parms and Raw Turkey

The Duo get sidetracked with show production and a familiar topic. They explain their absence, make some food, have Thanksgiving and update the blow out that is the Dead Pool.

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But You're Wrong Podcast


Episode 296: Bumpin Uglies

The Duo gets together to discuss their old job and their current legal issues. They also share awkward stories from their recent past. Keith goes to Dunkin Donuts, Greg goes to some strip clubs.

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But You're Wrong Podcast