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The Documentary Show: Episode 31: AlphaGo and Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead

John takes us into the realm of AI with Greg Kohs's AlphaGo about the computer program, AlphaGo as it learns to play the game Go against the top human competitor, Lee Sedol. Then Keith takes us down a different road as we learn about the history of National Lampoon with Douglas Tirola's Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead. They also take some side trips. Okay, many side trips.

Listen Here:

The Documentary Show

Episode 31: AlphaGo and Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead


This Blows My Mind: John Stands Up For Robot Rights

JoJohn is joined again by The Documentary Show co-host, Keith Bodayla, as they imagine a future with self-aware robots that have joined our work force. They answer a few questions but most importantly: “Will robots want vacation days?”