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Work in Progress
Neal Hunter worked in a job that wasn’t going anywhere. He had lost contact with his college friends in the three years since graduation. His roommate brought a different girl home every weekend. But Neal was okay because he had Shaundra. He could see marrying her one day – maybe even one day soon. With her, Neal felt that despite everything else, he was still headed in the right direction.
That was until the day he got into a car accident on his way to work. His car wrecked, his body alright, but his system in shock, he returned home to find Shaundra in bed with his roommate. Work in Progress is the weekend that follows for Neal as he tries to distract himself from the shock, anger, and emptiness he’s confronted with.

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Not My Problem
We’re all looking for something in life, whether we consciously think it or not, we feel like something is missing. We seek what’s absent, or fill its void. If we fail, we find excuses. The search is the great unifier that connects all of us and the main characters of each story in Not My Problem. Whether it’s Frank working through his fear of living and conquering his novel, or Hank searching for a better relationship with his girlfriend, or Kate hoping her teaching job will be the rewarding career she’s dreamt of, it’s the journey we all recognize.
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Sinners and Dead Men
The story of a young man named Billy who meets the man who killed Billy’s parents fifteen years ago. Billy visits the former outlaw in his jail cell while the rest of the town is at church. They talk, learning more about each other and their lives before and after they crossed. Billy is faced with a terrible urge and decision.
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A crime thriller about a guy who got in too deep with drug cartels. He's tortured for information, and hoping for a way out. But does he find it?
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