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My Battlestar Galactica Commentary – "33"

I hate when they leave the “Previously On…” at the beginning of DVD Collections. I just watched all this, now I have to watch it again for 3 minutes.

Oh, I remember this one now. Thanks to the little “33” taped to the clock on Colonial One. It’s little details like that that really make a show stand out to me – the little things that I’d do in the same situation.

I like how the pilot of Colonial One says, “Ladies and Gentleman, I’m afraid the Cyclons have appeared again…” with the same tone as saying, “Ladies and Gentleman, I’m afraid due to weather on the ground in Chicago, we’ll be leaving a little late.”

They all do such a good job of acting like they’ve been up for five days. I can only imagine that’s realistic. The most I’ve ever stayed up is 48 hours. And that was near insanity for me.

Am I supposed to know who that picture is of that the pilots keep tapping? Who do they think they are, Notre Dame? They are so much cooler.

It just started storming outside – the perfect mood setter.

This is a good follow-up to the mini-series. It shows the aftermath incredibly well. How people deal with the loss and with having 50,000 survivors of the human race left.

With how crazy Baltar has been acting this whole time, how does anyone trust him! Maybe it’s the sleep deprivation, but he’s acting as sketchy as Bubbles from The Wire.

Baltar is a genius, but he can’t conceive of the Olympic Carrier as being a Cyclon trap? But if no one is on board, how are they speaking with the other ships.

I’m a little hazy on their religion. This guy says “Thank the Gods,” but Baltar replies, “God’s got nothing to do with this.” Is their religion like Greek mythology? There’s Zeus and then those other guys.

Frak, I forgot there were still survivors on Caprica!

Apollo and Starbuck are arguing like my girlfriend and me after a long and tiring day. Realism at its finest!

I like that they refer to those that died as “souls.” They’re the military, but they still care.

That cut above Adama’s eye, is that from him fighting the Cylon? I love the details.

What do these guys want with Helo? Shouldn’t they just kill him?

She doesn’t deal with decisions well, huh? And how does she expect to be alone, when her office/cabin is full of other people? Are they so insignificant to her that she doesn’t see them anymore? For someone keeping a headcount by whiteboard, she doesn’t seem to give a shit about the guy napping six feet away.

This show would have been better if Bartlet were President.


My Battlestar Galactica Commentary - The Miniseries

I just started watching Battlestar Galactica from the beginning again. Part way through, I had the urge to start writing my own commentary on it. Below is that commentary. Let’s see how that goes. Be warned, if you haven’t seen the show, there will be spoilers.

Why is Roslin surprised that Commander Adama is afraid of computers? It’s been 40 years since the Cylon Wars and no one has heard from them. It makes sense that someone would still be skeptical of computers and think that they may come back and kick our asses. It’s not like their going to die out from starvation, or be in real danger from the elements. They’re still there, they’re probably still evolving. You would think more people would share Adama’s opinion.

And what kind of time frame are we dealing with this happening. The show opens with the ambassador dying and the space station exploding. Wouldn’t someone have found this out by now? How long is that guy supposed to wait for the Cylons to show up? If it’s a day, then maybe it makes sense. But if that’s the case, his job really sucks for that one day – probably why he has pictures of his family.

This guy making Adama put his arm around the Apollo is such an asshole. Can’t he pick up on how strained their relationship is?

I should go back and check out the original series. I’ve never seen it so I don’t know anything about it really. Was the original series the Cylon Wars and this is a continuation? Or did the original series take place after the War?

Wasn’t there a spinoff where they found Earth in the eighties? I really hope this series ends with Adama dressed like Don Johnson.

So let me get this straight, the Cylons could get into computer systems, so ships like the Battlestar Galactica were made so they couldn’t get into the systems. But then after the ceasefire, they started making newer ships and gave all of them the weaknesses. Now as far as I can tell, the only people in the galaxy are the Twelve Colonies and then there are the Cylons. There are no other races hanging out, so the point of having the fleet seems to be defending against the Cylons. Then, why are we building a fleet that has known weaknesses against the enemy?

Although with the way politics and military work in our world, I can see someone making a stupid mistake like that on Caprica.

Wait, Apollo just got his ship shutdown. Maybe I was rushing judgement.

I forgot how awesome the dogfight scenes were in this show.

I really don’t like this woman who becomes President. As soon as she becomes President, she feels the need to be a huge pain in the ass.

I have to give Adama major props for not taking a minute to turn to someone and say: “I told you this was going to happen. They wanted to put network computers on this ship, but I said no. Winning!”

I forgot that the music producer from Californication was in this. Isn’t he a Cylon?

They are way too trusting of this guy, just letting him walk around. He admitted to trying to steal weapons.

“The war is over, we lost.” What? She’s just giving up? Aren’t the Cylons going to continue to hunt humanity down and wipe us out of the universe?

I forgot how creepy these scenes are with the Cylon talking to Baltar.

Why would they make paper without corners?

Okay, now the whole thing with them shutting the ships down makes sense. I was too quick to judge their stupidity.

Adama gave up too? What’s with these people? Although, I imagine that if I were in that scenario, my choice would be to run too.

Earth! I forgot that part where Adama lies to everyone and says that he knows where it is. I remembered that he told them they were going to search for it. Maybe that comes later.

I remembered that Boomer was a Cylon, but I thought it was revealed much later. Way to not bury the lead.

And now I know why that public relations guy was such an asshole.
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