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A Time Of Change

The last few months have meant a lot of change for me. I've recently changed jobs after a 2+ year career (does 2 years qualify a career?) and made some huge jumps in my creative goals and projects.

The career thing is something I had to do because it was the best option for my future and my wife's future. So far, it seems it was the right move and I think time will further prove this.

Creatively, some interesting things have been going on. My writing had slowed by the beginning of this year, but thanks partially to the career change, that seems to be changing. I have several plates I'm trying to spin right now. Not sure how I'll spin them all, but I'm still figuring that part out.

When I started podcasting, I was inspired by a state of depression and the model of Kevin Smith. It was always my goal that somewhere along the line I would create a network of shows. After But You're Wrong, I started Living Room Theatre with my beautiful wife, who wasn't quite my wife yet. Now I am pleased to announce that I have added a third show, The Documentary Show. My friend John Oldfield and I both enjoy a great documentary. We had also talked about starting a podcast for a while now, but we didn't want something that would just be two guys talking like But You're Wrong already was. Then one day, the idea came and we decided to start The Documentary Show. That show is now available through iTunes and most other podcast apps.

Just launched is a fourth podcast featuring my sweet vocals, The Fortune Cookie Minute. This fourth one is a ridiculous idea that I had a long time ago. It has now come to fruition. I'm giddy that this stupid idea is actually happening. It's exactly what I set out to do and I hope a great many people find the craziness, stupidness of it as something enjoyable.

With the launch of that fourth show, I will consider my dream of launching a podcast network complete. I will have achieved that goal. So what's the next goal after that? Well, my goal after that is to focus on a couple writing projects. Short little things. After that? Maybe try to add some more podcasts to the network and perhaps a couple of them won't include my voice.

There's a lot that can happen in the coming months and years.


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