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Daily Routine

I've been thinking a lot about daily routines lately. Somehow I've managed to develop some over the years, but whenever I resolve that I'm going to make something part of my daily routine, it rarely happens. At some point recently though, I've decided that I was going to read more and over the last couple weeks, I've done more reading that I have in a while. It's become part of my daily routine. How? No idea.

One thing that I would like to become part of my daily routine is writing more. Not sure how that's going to happen, but I thought maybe I could tackle two birds, one stone. I've often opened this journal or blog - or whatever it's called now - and tried to write something, but couldn't think of anything to write. So now, I'm going to try it again and see what happens. Maybe, just maybe, this will encourage me to write more and make it more of my daily routine. We'll see. (Which in my house growing up always meant "no." "Can I have a Stretch Armstrong for Christmas?" "We'll see." "That means no." "It means, we'll see." I never got a Stretch Armstrong.)

What will I write about? I'm not sure. Whatever I'm thinking about that morning. I'm going to attempt to stay away from political ramblings. There's enough of that on your Facebook feed. So we'll see what happens, but this is a good start.

Also, I'm not sure I ever wanted a Stretch Armstrong.

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