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Fantastic Four and X-Men Can Still Join Marvel

I woke up this morning to the internet worrying that Comcast will mess up the Disney-Fox Merger. Actually, I woke up to my cat knocking shit off the dresser, but then I saw people worrying online.

I wouldn't worry too much about it. It's possible that Comcast now wants to get into original content, but I doubt they are doing it for the purpose of getting Marvel characters like The X-Men and The Fantastic Four. I'm sure though that's what Disney is looking for in their deal.

At this point, I see three things happening, and all of them end up with the Fantastic Four and X-Men being able to join the MCU.

Scenario 1: In light of the Comcast offer, Disney sweetens their offer and ends up buying Fox.

Scenario 2: Comcast buys Fox, the merger goes through, and they then sell the rights to Disney for several billion dollars.

Scenario 3: Comcast buys Fox, keeps the rights to the Marvel Comics characters, but works out a deal with Marvel/Disney to co-produce films starring those characters. Similar to the deal Sony worked out with Marvel for using Spider-Man.

I don't know which of these seems most likely to happen, but I don't think there is zero hope of seeing Wolverine pop up in the MCU. Even if the Disney/Fox merger does happen, it's still a few years from going through. Marvel has movies planned that don't involve these characters, so they aren't necessarily biting their nails with concern.

At some point though, on a long enough timeline, some kind of deal will get worked out to bring these characters together. Why? Because they make a lot of money. And everyone's going to want a piece of it. Up until the point superhero movies fall out of public love, but until that happens, everyone's going to want a piece of the billion dollar franchise that is the MCU.

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